Waterfront Advisory Committee

Waterfront Advisory Committee Files

This Google Drive file collection relates to the ongoing projects of the Germantown WAC, starting in May 2018 (roughly), but excluding Amtrak Fences and Gates related files.

Amtrak Fences Gates Files

This Google Drive file collection relates to the Germantown Waterfront Advisory Commitee’s efforts in the Amtrak fences and gates issue, starting in March 2018.

Local Waterfront Revitalization Study Files

The Germantown Waterfront Revitalization Study was conducted from Nov 2016 until March of 2018, with the help of Delaware Engineering. The study’s final report was approved by the Germantown Board and the NYS DOS in March of 2018. Most of the files created during the study are in this (main) Dropbox.

Local Waterfront Revitalization Study Overflow Files

This Dropbox file collection was created from some of the larger file collections in the main LWRS collection, to reduce it’s size (by about 3GB). It contains photos and scanned images, but does not contain the main work product.

Note all Dropbox and Google Drive links are read-only.