Germantown Citizen’s Meeting


The Germantown Waterfront Advisory Committee hosted a group of about 40 people for about 1.5 hours early on Sunday morning to review and plan a course of action to respond to the proposed Amtrak gates & fences. We were joined by Scenic Hudson, Riverkeeper, Germantown Sportsmans Association, the Columbia County Sportsman’s Federation, Trout Unlimited, the Germantown Fire Department, residents, and local business owners.
Germantown’s Supervisor, Robert Beaury, was also in attendance. He plans to write a letter to the Department of State to request additional information. The letter will also request that the current comment period be halted, as many feel there are too few details with which to make informed comments. The Town will instead request that the DOS conduct meetings with the public in each affected municipality, and that a new 30-day comment period start at the conclusion of the last meeting. Riverkeeper and Scenic Hudson plan to write a joint letter requesting the same.
In parallel, the Germantown Waterfront Advisory Committee plans to continue research and outreach efforts in order to fully comprehend the potential impacts to the Town, and to form alliances with potential partners in addressing this proposal. We can be reached at